Sunday, 25 August 2013

Pandan Entremet Cake

It's been a while exams, work. You know the drill. Since I'm all done until October I've got so much more time for crafts, DIY, gardening and obviously baking. I haven't posted any bakes in ages because quite simply the more I bake the bigger I get. And if you follow my Instagram (@sushiturtleslife) you'll know I'm doing the Paleo. So baking is a little more difficult.
But this cake I made for my uncle who always jokes at my blog. It's all in good fun, but he's right food can look great but it's all about how it tastes. So this one was to shut him up basically. Hahaha, just joking Uncle T. I think it went down well, they asked for a second slice. So I'm going to be making this again for a family lunch gathering. Very exciting. I love entremet cakes and have been obsessively googling them since I discovered, but I never saw one made with Pandan cake. Which my family love. I wanted to make a Pandan with a twist. This may frighten you, it's pretty damn fattening. I'd advise you make this for several people, avoids temptation of eating it all yourself!!