Friday, 25 January 2013

Claires False Nails Review

I got these when I was just looking around up in Birmingham. I've been hearing a lot about these pre-glued nails, so all you have to do is just find the right size nail and press onto yours. It took me about what 2 minutes! Very quick. But I normally take an hour to get used to fake nails and normally it's a french manicure. I wore these for about 8 hours before I was dying to pull them off. Because they weren't using nail glue it felt like my actual finger nail was being pulled off every time I touched something! I couldn't pick up my phone. I couldn't scratch my nose properly. After about 4 hours they started to fall off anyway. The colour is amazing though, I love neon yellow! But I think I'd look like less of a transexual if I painted the colour onto my natural nails. I'll be sticking to simple falsies from now on. 

I need to find this colour in a polish! For some reason the pictures aren't showing the colour properly. If you can imagine like neon, yellow glow sticks?! You've got it. Yeah, in your face yellow. Luckily I only got these on sale for £3 so I guess no harm done.
Until Next Time xo


  1. I've never tried false nails, I don't think they would feel nice, I do like the colour of yours though

    Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  2. these are CUTE!