Hi! Welcome to my blog.

I'm a 20-something student from Cardiff and I cant wait to leave the rat race that is the UK, for greener, SUNNIER, pastures. I'm an extremely passionate person and believe that there should be love and pride in everything you do. (Maybe I'm just a perfectionist?) I love to be creative, I love to travel and cook.

Cooking in recent months has become a big part of my life as I struggled with my weight for many years. Since Dec 2013 I have been paleo and dropped from UK dress size 18 to a 10/12. I think that there are too many big cooperations that are grabbing for money rather than helping people become healthier and fitter. So within STL you will find tips and recipes to help you along your journey. You can follow my meals daily on instagram: @sushiturtleslife

A piece of the interwebs where I log my thoughts and opinions. Product reviews, places to visit, noted food establishments to try etc. Here you can find an array of topics to read from student advice to crafting, fashion to baking. There are so many things that interest me and I hope you will find something at STL for you.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog, your blog is awesome and you seem like a fun person! Love the creativeness...

  2. Hi I'm new to blogger, how do you follow people and there blog x

  3. Hi, theres normally a button called GFC, on the side bars or top and bottom of peoples blogs. I don't have one at the moment can't get it to work! But I have twitter if your on that.x