Thursday, 30 August 2012

Beautiful Eye Lash Extension

“She lowered her lashes until they almost cuddled her cheeks and slowly raised them again, like a theatre curtain. I was to get to know that trick. That was supposed to make me roll over on my back with all four paws in the air.” 

So, how do you get these big, gorgeous lashes? These are semi-permanent eye lash extensions and they are fabulous! I've had them done twice at my local salon and I can honestly say they looked beautiful. 

But you have to know what you want, you need to look it up and know your stuff. Know how you want them to look and don't be afraid to say so. My first appointment left me very disappointed, but the second time I demanded more lashes be put on as I was paying £50! The beautician went back in with the tweezers and glue, I got up to the mirror to Sexy, Seductive Lashes. 

If your a bit squeamish with your eyes watch the video first, because your eyes will be closed for a long time with tools and glue playing around. When you first get up your eyes will be glued together and will take a bit to get them undone.

But from an optics point of view, you need to make sure you clean them daily, just gently with some cotton wool and warm water. As the extensions are fitted directly onto your natural lashes, dirt and bacteria can get stuck and build up. This can cause conjunctivitis which could leave you blind. I'll spare you an image, but if your curious beware google images wont be a pretty sight!
You also need to be careful when you sleep and when you wear glasses with these as they will bend and fall out!

They should last between 14-60 days depending on the salon brand and how you care for them. Both of mine lasted around 40 days.

Major spiderweb lashes!

Long and seductive!

Tip of the day - If £50 is too much for you and its just for a night on the town. Get down to your nearest £ Pound land. It may sound cheap, but they actually stock very good lashes. Which should last you two or three uses (I got about 4 from mine). They usually stock a good variety from natural, to lengthy to party (glittery and with butterflies!) Bargain.

Thanks for reading and send me any photos or stories of your good/bad experiences! 

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bright eyes!

So todays post is about big, beautiful, fresh eyes! When I mistakenly reached my change over station, Reading. I was swamped by directional barriers, police and charity fundraisers. The end of Reading festival. Luckily we'd just missed the thick of it! Got to our favourite station gem, 'Tutti Fruitti' a tiny shop selling homemade ice-creams and animal shaped chocolates. Sat down to a New-York cheesecake flavour milkshake, they are amazing btw! Looking round to all the festival goers, in their wellies with huge back packs and bright aztec style clothing. It was a fashion frenzy, feathers and plaits everywhere. I even saw a girl in a tiger onsie, wellies and viking hat. Brave, bold and beautiful!

But despite their vibrant clothing, they were sluggish, hungover and well pretty much fucked. All the drinking, partying, lack of washing (and probably copulating)! They looked tired and dreary.
My top tip? Eye drops, they'll ease up dry eyes, from all the alcohol. It will also help red, sore eyes 
from the all-nighters!
Optrex is my personal go to eye saver, they have a broad range for dry, allergies and red eyes. If you find a supermarket shelf brand isn't working for you, go to your optician's and they will advise you further. 

Tip of the day - A devoted glastonbury, festival lover once told me: 'If you can't deal with the come down sickness, don't go to festivals' So it's go to happen, the partying WILL catch up with you, so after your natural high (and most probably alcohol high) don't forget to get your daily water intake, sleep and fresh food. Grab a blanky, hog the sofa and rest your sorry self back to health.
Thanks for reading!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

That's one small step for man,

One giant leap for man kind.

The late Neil Armstrong, 1969-2012.
Will be remembered as a hero, always.
Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon on 20th July 1969, passed away yesterday following complications after heart surgery. As we all pay respects to a great man and his family, science continues with the gift he gave to them.

The US astronaut, who had an 'ice cool attitude' was born and raised in Ohio, 1930. After flying with his father for the first time aged six years he would spark a passion for flying. I'm pretty sure I was caught up in barbies when I was six, oh dear. Reporters say he stayed modest through all his fame and heroics and never allowed himself to get caught up in the glamour of space exploration.

So my question to you is, what is your lifelong passion? Your dream of all dreams that you want, need, wish and must make come true. What was your childhood dream and are you fulfilling it?

I'm only 19 years, so to some eyes I'm still a child and as I sleep these are my childhood dreams. But when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be a scientist. I'd play pretend and beg my mum to supply me with all types of kids science books and project packs. Although I believe she started me on the path, she made me a super nerd. Math books upon Math books and then English and Science. They literally and I mean literally were never ending.
I hated being the nerdy kid, but now I relish in it. I'm always wondering how things work and take a genuine interest to everyone's career or course choice. From how to contour your make-up to look like Kim Kardashian (Which I'm still working on by the way, I want that figure and eye brows. Anyway) to calculating the foundations of a building so it wont collapse in on itself.

I'm also grateful to her for not allowing me to be one of those girls who don't know that Asia is a continent, not a country! haha :P

I aspire to try my hand at everything and anything and right now, being a student, it doesn't make it so hard! In June, I worked the Royal Ascot and got to see the Queen ride past in her majesty's carriage! Next at the Oval cricket grounds in Vauxhall, London. For £500 you get the best view, a 5 course meal spread over 6 hours and an open bar, wow. Working the a VIP roof top is a lovely, cushy job, where you can see the rich rub shoulders and get pissed from 10am to 6pm. Most of them leave by 3pm though, with the sunny day they had they were all beyond walking let alone watching cricket.

So back to my big dream! I've followed through and I'm chuffed. In the 3rd world over a billion people have bad or no eye sight. For them this is a big, big problem. Adults can't to go work and so the whole family suffers. My plan? To graduate as close to top of the class as I can.. then.. establish a name for myself in the industry so I can get funding and other opticians to join. Then were in the 3rd world saving vision for all!

That's right, I'm your modern day wonder woman. Well, all my modesty just when out the window. In all seriousness, I just hope I can make a difference, after all I've already got so much. Learnt so much, experienced so much and most importantly seen so much! (And I'm far from 20/20, talk about blind!) But for now, head down, degree on the mind.

Get in touch, I'd love to know what your doing to lend a helping hand, or even just your good deed for the day!

So, in the theme of public services (Armstrong was a Navy fighter) today I dressed to show my respects to a global hero. Glad rags aside, I sported tan combats, a camo cardigan with military detail, American flag coloured bands and an over sized tee. Quickly ran the GHD's over my hair, nothing too over the top. Adding some detail, painted blue toes and matching flipper flops but I was trying not to go overboard here, so splashed in some girly lilac, on my nails to match a dainty ring. There it is, girly military. Or in my opinion anyway. What about your military looks, send some snaps?

Olympic gifts from the boyfriend.
USA flag colours, lovely jubley.

Tip of the day - When you have hunger pangs throughout the day and your trying to slim down, grab a glass of water. Generally, when you feel a craving your body is just thirsty and doesn't know how to tell you!

Hope you enjoyed today's dreamer post, thanks for reading and don't forget to think positively, eat well and smile always!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Olympic Madness!

I'm assuming 99% of people reading my blog will have watched the Olympics. It was breathtaking! Record smashed and the best bit? It was literally down the road, urmm 30 minutes in the car?

Olympic pass souvenir!
A few bad points, the hilarious NBC fails? Oh dear NBC how did you not recognise Evander Holyfield outside Buckingham Palace! I'm terrible at celeb spotting, but the olympics is star gazing prime time! Maybe they were just overwhelmed with the sheer amount of talent floating around London, eh! Also, I was slightly annoyed when the BBC pronounced German/Vietnamese gymnast Ngyuen wrong. But then again maybe they did do the research but just couldn't say it, maybe its just because I'm being protective of my Vietnamese heritage!

Lastly, why are the Paralympics separate, in my opinion it should be one giant extravaganza. I don't know so much about training and fitness really, but wouldn't it be better if it was all produced together and allowed the Athletes some time in between heats and finals, to have a little rest or train? That way they all get the same amount of press too.

The new flag hoisted over 10 Downing street and the new logo raised had such little noise, I didn't even know they were a symbol of the Paralympics? I want to hear more, see more and feel it as big a part and of summer 2012!

I loved these! My mums already working
on my own costume!

The opening ceremony was AMAZING. Brilliant choreography for the history of Britain. Sir Paul McCartney, if I may say, brought an excellent performance to the table. It really felt like a classic british panto with the crowed participation. And Bean?! Fucking fantastic! Danny Boyle
I bow my hat to you sir, great job.

Although my only bug was the musical section, in which there was some love story between two youths my age prancing around texting? To other Countries it must have seemed they were just being rude, haha! It was pretty hard to follow. The house didn't make much sense and some of the music was not Britain's best! For me I wanted some more Welsh! The likes of Shirley Bassy and Tom Jones, thats not unusual?
Dancers at Olympic opening.
But I must say a big huge thank you to my boyfriend, who thought he would hate the ceremony, set up a cosey sofa, brought up snacks and plugged in the surround sound. I really felt as though I was there! I'm surprised the neighbours didn't complain about the bass, but I guess they probably appreciated the enthusiasm! We both really enjoyed our evening, even if there were thousands of athletes to greet!
P.S - Queen you rocked that sky dive!

Working for the Olympics was a fantastic opportunity, I literally met people from around the world - Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, America. I couldn't get tickets as they were either sold out or too expensive. So my personal ticket to the games.... pour some pints! Oh yes, Heineken all day, everyday. The punters loved it and I stank of it! There was beer flowing, food everywhere and even Sushi on Japanese match days! Talk about hosting!

Mexican Supporters hat.
Hoping to spot an athlete or even work close to one, I think I was dreaming a bit. As the days went on I was losing hope at getting any where near and I even starting missing some events because of work, this wasn't working out quite as I had planned! But then, my awesome manager let me and my new Aussie friend Steph sneak into the arena. And there we were, a HUGE crowed, Wembley stadium was packed! Women's final, USA had won and the Americans were there in force, the audience went electric and the rawr shook through our bellys! We were overwhelmed to say the least. Cameras out, we got a few sneaky pictures, cheered, shouted, laughed, ate mini dounoughts and soaked in the atmosphere.

Walking to the changing room, rushing past all the people trying to leave the stadium we began to regret staying behind. The tube was going to be packed and it had already been a long days graft! But upon signing out we had the biggest buzz! Everyone was cheering, singing (some pissed slurring) but it was amazing. We looked down at the thousands deep queue we let ourselves into, stepped back got the mini
Me and Steph, Wembley.
dounoughts out again and got to know some people. It was an awesome shift and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world! Shame I didn't get into the audience but hey second best wasn't so bad after all!

The furthest central lights are the steps to Wembley Park Tube. Yep. All that way.
But you know that feeling you have when you've truly made a new friend? Well I found that in Steph, but she goes back to Aus in December! I hope we keep in touch and wish her the best of luck for her new job and travels!

Sunset over Olympic park, can you see the blimp?
Hope you enjoy my photos of the Olympics and had a great patriotic buzz this year.
So a good summer 2012! Congratulations London, we did it and we did it right! Now to welcome in the Paralympics, thanks for the warm up!

Tip of the Day - Keep on smiling, now matter how much life is getting you down or throwing sand on top. Fight back, slap the world in the face and show your appreciation for family, friends, food and shelter!

Thanks for reading!