Sunday, 23 December 2012

Surviving The January Sales

Well in reality if your a true bargain hunter, you'll be there with the rest, I mean thousands on boxing day morning. Queueing outside in the ice cold for a massive saving. But who hasn't got home and regretted buying nearly half of the items, some are broken and some don't even fit. Then wrapped up with New years ahead and eating the Christmas left overs we become too busy to return the junk. 

1. Get There Early
If you really want to get some serious bargains and hopefully something you wanted before Christmas but it didn't quite make it under the tree, you'll need to sacrifice those few extra hours in bed. Grab a coffee on the way there and you'll avoid some major traffic jams, parking troubles and get the first viewings for the sale. Of course you could always take the train but its undoubtedly going to be packed.

 2. Know What You Want
Before you end up like a kid in a candy store, running around aimlessly and showing each other some gorgeous clothes that you'll probably not end up getting. Be serious and go directly to what you want, then take a quick browse around before moving on to the next store.

3. Dress Correctly
If your willing to queue up for the fitting rooms then be sensible and wear some easily removable clothes! By this, I mean a simple jumper and jeans with cute pumps. You'll also be more comfortable if you wear layers, it'll get hot inside and quickly cold outside. Rather than strapped up boots, tights and a dress. Imagine taking this off and on and off and on all day, you'll probably end up with a ladder. My best advise is to try things on top of your outfit in the mirror or buy roughly and take them home to try. 

4. Take Cash
Although you will probably regret this as soon as you leave one shop and have £10 left and wish you brought just £20 more. If you know your budget before you go and don't allow any way for over spending you'll stick to it. 

5. Subliminal Shopping
Have you ever noticed how all the sales signs are in red and white? The stores do this to promote a warm Christmas memory, this drives you to buy more to keep that Christmas feeling going. Beware of this and think twice.

6. Shopping Is Like Drugs
When you find something that you can afford and you are rewarding yourself with this, your brain releases a chemical called dopamine. The same that is released from taking heroine. (Wow this escalated quickly) But this is what gives you the addiction and push to buy more and more. The other problem is social, many people feel envious when their friends or family have stretched their money further than them! Be careful!

Remember you've probably spent a month's pay on gifts for loved ones, drinks, food and partying just a few days before. Take a snack with you if your going early and queuing up a flask of coffee too so you've got extra to spend just on sale items. Keep your bag and money close, don't flash your phone and have fun! If you missed my post about an over crowded student shopping lock in party, click here. I'd love to know what bargains you got this year in the comments!
Until Next Time xo


  1. Love sales:)
    Great post!

    1. There so much fun and so much stress all in one haha xo

  2. You know what, I prefer shopping online for all the reasons you described!thank you for visiting my blog and making me find out about yours!I'm following you now and hope you'll follow back!kisses and happy Holidays!Coco

  3. Thanks Coco! I've followed back, you've got a great blog. Merry Christmas!xo

  4. It's funny I was just talking to my sister about skipping this sale madeness all together this year. We'll see lol great post.

    1. Haha, I'm considering it too! Online seems the way forward these days!
      Have a great Christmas x

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  6. great post! definitely going to keep some of these in mind on boxing day! xx
    p.s I always follow back on GFC

  7. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog hun!

    Style Infatuation

  8. Great tips, so excited for post-holiday sales too!

  9. Have a fun shopping time!

    Thanks for passing by my blog... hope you visit soon Greece!!!!

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