Monday, 22 September 2014

We love you, Yoghurt

I always thought yoghurt was a fattening treat and I never really trusted the 'fat-free' slogans. But I was wrong. Yoghurt is ( like Cauliflower) high in Calcium, a portion is one third of your daily intake! Why the sudden calcium obsession? Calcium inhibites the release of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone which tells the body to produce more stomach fat. Wobble. Who is this Cortisol guy? Get out of here! So basically, eating calcium aids weightloss and even more so, belly weight! It's also a great post sweat session snack, eaten within an hour of your workout the proteins in yoghurt, aid repair. While the carbohydrates replenish energy stocks in the muscles. Ka-Ching! Along with all the Vitamins and good bacteria, yoghurt is a great weekly shopping basket staple. 
Lancashire farm, natural bio yoghurt is absolutely delicious. It claims to be fat-free and I really wondered how it would taste. Creamy and light, I mixed my bowl with figs, raspberries, freeze dried raspberry powder, mango slices, pandan extract, pumpkin seeds and pistachio paste. Pffff mouthful, I do love toppings! But you really can make your own flavours. 
The yoghurt is 100% British milk and nothing else. Gluten free, Veggie friendly with natural bio cultures. At the moment Lancashire farm yoghurt, at Morrisons, is £1 for a 1Kg tub! I would highly recommend popping out for this. 


  1. Mmmmm yes yoghurt is immense! I like natural yog, and add it to fruit like bananas, my fave :)

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