Saturday, 25 August 2012

Olympic Madness!

I'm assuming 99% of people reading my blog will have watched the Olympics. It was breathtaking! Record smashed and the best bit? It was literally down the road, urmm 30 minutes in the car?

Olympic pass souvenir!
A few bad points, the hilarious NBC fails? Oh dear NBC how did you not recognise Evander Holyfield outside Buckingham Palace! I'm terrible at celeb spotting, but the olympics is star gazing prime time! Maybe they were just overwhelmed with the sheer amount of talent floating around London, eh! Also, I was slightly annoyed when the BBC pronounced German/Vietnamese gymnast Ngyuen wrong. But then again maybe they did do the research but just couldn't say it, maybe its just because I'm being protective of my Vietnamese heritage!

Lastly, why are the Paralympics separate, in my opinion it should be one giant extravaganza. I don't know so much about training and fitness really, but wouldn't it be better if it was all produced together and allowed the Athletes some time in between heats and finals, to have a little rest or train? That way they all get the same amount of press too.

The new flag hoisted over 10 Downing street and the new logo raised had such little noise, I didn't even know they were a symbol of the Paralympics? I want to hear more, see more and feel it as big a part and of summer 2012!

I loved these! My mums already working
on my own costume!

The opening ceremony was AMAZING. Brilliant choreography for the history of Britain. Sir Paul McCartney, if I may say, brought an excellent performance to the table. It really felt like a classic british panto with the crowed participation. And Bean?! Fucking fantastic! Danny Boyle
I bow my hat to you sir, great job.

Although my only bug was the musical section, in which there was some love story between two youths my age prancing around texting? To other Countries it must have seemed they were just being rude, haha! It was pretty hard to follow. The house didn't make much sense and some of the music was not Britain's best! For me I wanted some more Welsh! The likes of Shirley Bassy and Tom Jones, thats not unusual?
Dancers at Olympic opening.
But I must say a big huge thank you to my boyfriend, who thought he would hate the ceremony, set up a cosey sofa, brought up snacks and plugged in the surround sound. I really felt as though I was there! I'm surprised the neighbours didn't complain about the bass, but I guess they probably appreciated the enthusiasm! We both really enjoyed our evening, even if there were thousands of athletes to greet!
P.S - Queen you rocked that sky dive!

Working for the Olympics was a fantastic opportunity, I literally met people from around the world - Australia, Nigeria, South Africa, Japan, Mexico, America. I couldn't get tickets as they were either sold out or too expensive. So my personal ticket to the games.... pour some pints! Oh yes, Heineken all day, everyday. The punters loved it and I stank of it! There was beer flowing, food everywhere and even Sushi on Japanese match days! Talk about hosting!

Mexican Supporters hat.
Hoping to spot an athlete or even work close to one, I think I was dreaming a bit. As the days went on I was losing hope at getting any where near and I even starting missing some events because of work, this wasn't working out quite as I had planned! But then, my awesome manager let me and my new Aussie friend Steph sneak into the arena. And there we were, a HUGE crowed, Wembley stadium was packed! Women's final, USA had won and the Americans were there in force, the audience went electric and the rawr shook through our bellys! We were overwhelmed to say the least. Cameras out, we got a few sneaky pictures, cheered, shouted, laughed, ate mini dounoughts and soaked in the atmosphere.

Walking to the changing room, rushing past all the people trying to leave the stadium we began to regret staying behind. The tube was going to be packed and it had already been a long days graft! But upon signing out we had the biggest buzz! Everyone was cheering, singing (some pissed slurring) but it was amazing. We looked down at the thousands deep queue we let ourselves into, stepped back got the mini
Me and Steph, Wembley.
dounoughts out again and got to know some people. It was an awesome shift and I wouldn't trade that experience for the world! Shame I didn't get into the audience but hey second best wasn't so bad after all!

The furthest central lights are the steps to Wembley Park Tube. Yep. All that way.
But you know that feeling you have when you've truly made a new friend? Well I found that in Steph, but she goes back to Aus in December! I hope we keep in touch and wish her the best of luck for her new job and travels!

Sunset over Olympic park, can you see the blimp?
Hope you enjoy my photos of the Olympics and had a great patriotic buzz this year.
So a good summer 2012! Congratulations London, we did it and we did it right! Now to welcome in the Paralympics, thanks for the warm up!

Tip of the Day - Keep on smiling, now matter how much life is getting you down or throwing sand on top. Fight back, slap the world in the face and show your appreciation for family, friends, food and shelter!

Thanks for reading!

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