Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Bright eyes!

So todays post is about big, beautiful, fresh eyes! When I mistakenly reached my change over station, Reading. I was swamped by directional barriers, police and charity fundraisers. The end of Reading festival. Luckily we'd just missed the thick of it! Got to our favourite station gem, 'Tutti Fruitti' a tiny shop selling homemade ice-creams and animal shaped chocolates. Sat down to a New-York cheesecake flavour milkshake, they are amazing btw! Looking round to all the festival goers, in their wellies with huge back packs and bright aztec style clothing. It was a fashion frenzy, feathers and plaits everywhere. I even saw a girl in a tiger onsie, wellies and viking hat. Brave, bold and beautiful!

But despite their vibrant clothing, they were sluggish, hungover and well pretty much fucked. All the drinking, partying, lack of washing (and probably copulating)! They looked tired and dreary.
My top tip? Eye drops, they'll ease up dry eyes, from all the alcohol. It will also help red, sore eyes 
from the all-nighters!
Optrex is my personal go to eye saver, they have a broad range for dry, allergies and red eyes. If you find a supermarket shelf brand isn't working for you, go to your optician's and they will advise you further. 

Tip of the day - A devoted glastonbury, festival lover once told me: 'If you can't deal with the come down sickness, don't go to festivals' So it's go to happen, the partying WILL catch up with you, so after your natural high (and most probably alcohol high) don't forget to get your daily water intake, sleep and fresh food. Grab a blanky, hog the sofa and rest your sorry self back to health.
Thanks for reading!

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