Sunday, 26 August 2012

That's one small step for man,

One giant leap for man kind.

The late Neil Armstrong, 1969-2012.
Will be remembered as a hero, always.
Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon on 20th July 1969, passed away yesterday following complications after heart surgery. As we all pay respects to a great man and his family, science continues with the gift he gave to them.

The US astronaut, who had an 'ice cool attitude' was born and raised in Ohio, 1930. After flying with his father for the first time aged six years he would spark a passion for flying. I'm pretty sure I was caught up in barbies when I was six, oh dear. Reporters say he stayed modest through all his fame and heroics and never allowed himself to get caught up in the glamour of space exploration.

So my question to you is, what is your lifelong passion? Your dream of all dreams that you want, need, wish and must make come true. What was your childhood dream and are you fulfilling it?

I'm only 19 years, so to some eyes I'm still a child and as I sleep these are my childhood dreams. But when I was younger I wanted nothing more than to be a scientist. I'd play pretend and beg my mum to supply me with all types of kids science books and project packs. Although I believe she started me on the path, she made me a super nerd. Math books upon Math books and then English and Science. They literally and I mean literally were never ending.
I hated being the nerdy kid, but now I relish in it. I'm always wondering how things work and take a genuine interest to everyone's career or course choice. From how to contour your make-up to look like Kim Kardashian (Which I'm still working on by the way, I want that figure and eye brows. Anyway) to calculating the foundations of a building so it wont collapse in on itself.

I'm also grateful to her for not allowing me to be one of those girls who don't know that Asia is a continent, not a country! haha :P

I aspire to try my hand at everything and anything and right now, being a student, it doesn't make it so hard! In June, I worked the Royal Ascot and got to see the Queen ride past in her majesty's carriage! Next at the Oval cricket grounds in Vauxhall, London. For £500 you get the best view, a 5 course meal spread over 6 hours and an open bar, wow. Working the a VIP roof top is a lovely, cushy job, where you can see the rich rub shoulders and get pissed from 10am to 6pm. Most of them leave by 3pm though, with the sunny day they had they were all beyond walking let alone watching cricket.

So back to my big dream! I've followed through and I'm chuffed. In the 3rd world over a billion people have bad or no eye sight. For them this is a big, big problem. Adults can't to go work and so the whole family suffers. My plan? To graduate as close to top of the class as I can.. then.. establish a name for myself in the industry so I can get funding and other opticians to join. Then were in the 3rd world saving vision for all!

That's right, I'm your modern day wonder woman. Well, all my modesty just when out the window. In all seriousness, I just hope I can make a difference, after all I've already got so much. Learnt so much, experienced so much and most importantly seen so much! (And I'm far from 20/20, talk about blind!) But for now, head down, degree on the mind.

Get in touch, I'd love to know what your doing to lend a helping hand, or even just your good deed for the day!

So, in the theme of public services (Armstrong was a Navy fighter) today I dressed to show my respects to a global hero. Glad rags aside, I sported tan combats, a camo cardigan with military detail, American flag coloured bands and an over sized tee. Quickly ran the GHD's over my hair, nothing too over the top. Adding some detail, painted blue toes and matching flipper flops but I was trying not to go overboard here, so splashed in some girly lilac, on my nails to match a dainty ring. There it is, girly military. Or in my opinion anyway. What about your military looks, send some snaps?

Olympic gifts from the boyfriend.
USA flag colours, lovely jubley.

Tip of the day - When you have hunger pangs throughout the day and your trying to slim down, grab a glass of water. Generally, when you feel a craving your body is just thirsty and doesn't know how to tell you!

Hope you enjoyed today's dreamer post, thanks for reading and don't forget to think positively, eat well and smile always!

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