Saturday, 3 November 2012

All Greek To Me

So a quick pop into Cardiff town centre and a short wonder around the arcades.. I come across this little gem! Loving all things Greek how could I just walk past? No way. Stepping inside I felt like I was in Greece, the decor is so simple but so effective. The cobbled style floor just like paved stones and blue touches immediately reminded me of photos from Santorini. The smell of Greek olives in the air and friendly chit chat. I know this is a place my boyfriend would love and can't wait to take him! 

I couldn't quite get the shop keeps names with all the food chat but they are such lovely women. Immediately showing her Greek custom she offered me some food to try, which I could not turn down. Completely 100% fat free choco bites. They're made with olive oil instead of butter which tastes amazing (not at all savoury as I initially thought) selling at 5 for £1, bargain on the go snack.

Fat-free chocolate bites

Everything is made by the owners from scratch and you can taste it in the quality of the food.  The cheese pie was amazing too. Although All Greek To Me just opened yesterday I know they'll be around for a while, if your in Cardiff definitely pop in and say hi. They're very friendly and the food will speak for itself.

Delicious Greek pie

Situated in the classic Cardiff arcades, nearest the castle ( I really can't remember the arcade name! If you know where I'm talking about please comment and correct me haha)   'High Street Arcade'
What do you think, gorgeous and quaint or what?!
Until Next time xo

*Update - this lovely lady is called Leda. I still love this shop and pop by every week. 

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  1. This looks lovely! I love spots like this! Too bad I don't live in Cardiff, though I've visited and know where you're talking about! x