Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Buddha Original, Budapest. RR

The Buddha Original restaurants are situated in the centre, on the Pest side of the capital. A great place to stop off for a quick, hearty Thai dinner. A modern oriental restaurant with simplistic decor. After a hectic day of playing tourist, the chilled out vibe was more than welcomed! The clientele showed clearly that this restaurant appealed to all ages, although seemed targeted to the younger market.

We arrived at Buddha around 8pm after walking all day seeing sites and swimming in the roman baths, So needless to say, we were Hank Marvin'! We tried to imply this as much as possible to our friendly waiter. Beers ordered, we scanned the menu for something familiar and big! Lets not pussy foot around with starters and such, we want grub and we want it now!
Travel bud goes with Pad Wun Cen Chicken, which is actually very filling and delicious. She found it slightly spicy, but in terms of thai food. No. Come on Buddha Original, where's the fire?! The portion to our shock was absolutely huge, (apart from heat) the seasoning was on point.

Pad Wun Chicken - Glass noodles, egg, basil, spring onion, wood ear mushroom, Chinese kale, celery, soya sauce, chicken.
1490ft.    £3.77

I went with the Thai chicken salad. I was more than pleased to see that it wasn't some pathetic girly salad. We'd been swimming and I really needed to replenish! Again, I was unfourtunately dissappointed with the lack of UMPH, that is so often connotated with thai food. The flavour and ingredients, fresh and lovely. But upon asking the waiter for extra chillies, he was more than happy to oblidge. So, I was content with a belly full of beer, veggies and chicken. My mouth a small inferno. Happy days!

Thai Chicken Salad - Minced chicken breast, vegetables, Thai chili sauce. 
1190ft    £3.01

I would reccommend Buddha to all visiting Budapest. It's not traditional Hungarian food, but if your in the mood for Thai! Then it's a more than resonably priced restaurant. Located perfectly for a stop heading back towards your hotel or on the way for drinks. Staff are friendly, sevice is good and beer is cheap!  Click here for Website.

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