Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Arc Vs DIY Erica

It's very bad to say, but my mac does get neglected. Not in use. I'm on it pretty much 24/7 unless I'm walking, otherwise I'm using it... Surprised it hasn't exploded yet! It's the same with all things you get, at first you don't let any dust touch it! Then you freak out the first time you drop it, then by the 10th time. Eh? It'll survive. But since I spent the majority of my loan on this last year, it's my baby and has all of my work on it. I wondered WTF am I doing?! So, I decided I needed somewhere safe to keep it. At £39.95 a pop, I thought... no. Just no way. I knew there had to be a cheaper way. 

I guess I could have just left it on my desk safe and away, but I ALWAYS fall asleep watching come dine with me and suddenly wake up to a massive bang. Wake up in a massive panic, check if my screen is still in tact. Then go back to sleep, repeat nightly. So it has to end, it takes too much space on my desk so a stand, here it is:

I genuinly took this at ikea today.

You'll need a FANTASTISK napkin holder from ikea. Yes a napkin holder, it's pretty sturdy let me tell you! Then what ever you want to decorate with. I would advise putting some foam stickers where the plastic touches your laptop to avoid scratching. But I was really lazy and couldn't be bothered to get them out of my massive craft box.. soon though. All you need to do is add these and poof, your done. I picked my napkin holder up for £1.80. I think my math is right in saying that's a 96% saving? Alright it isn't quite as flashy, but if I hadn't shown you the other one.... yeah mine looks pretty good now? 
Until Next Time xo

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