Friday, 1 February 2013

Top 5 bad beauty habits - Reapplying Make-up #3

How many of you do this? Personally, I never have. Unless I'm having a massive and important day I probably never will. I only carry around an eyebrow pencil in my bag, just incase some rubs off and I'm left with half an eyebrow. I don't like reapplying simply because I put so much time into layering my make-up in the morning that just adding more on top would completely counteract all my work. But the science of it is simply just rubbing in the germs and grim from the day into your skin even more. Not only this but again with your brushes it just adds to the bacteria festering in them!

The effects? Reapplying will block your pores and can leave you with pimples and acne. So if your trying to hard to hide them, just be sensible and help yourself out. If you really need to reapply, bring make-up wipes in your bag and give yourself a quick wipe over first. 
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  1. D eye-brow pencil, most important make-up for me. :D