Saturday, 9 February 2013

Top 5 bad beauty habits - Sleeping with Make-up #5

Sleeping beauty eh? If your confident enough around your other half as they should make you feel. Then theres no problem sleeping with your make-up off! If your just lazy and can't be bothered. Shame on you. You should have bad skin! There have been so many times when I've come home exhausted, sat down on my laptop and fallen asleep in bed with a full face on and the TV still going. But if like me your aiming for that glowing minimal make-up face, then you need to keep a routine. 

You should know what day is a mask day, when your next exfoliating and if your running low on toner or moisturising. This having been said over moisturising is another beauty sin! But I'm trying to keep this at 5! You need to learn your skin type, where the problem areas and blemishes are to intensely moisturise and keep on top of it.
Until Next Time xo


  1. just realised i should have probably left my message here lol I hadn't heard back from you when I sent you my address, to mail the necklace to, and wanted t be sure you had got it ok?
    Angela xx

    1. Sorry Angela, yeah I just realised it's on facebook! I'll post in Monday morning as I'm away now. Sorry about that! :)
      Erica xo