Saturday, 9 March 2013

Ciabatta Bread

After eating about 30 different cupcakes, my Auntie came out with 'You should make bread, everyone makes cupcakes. Make bread, I love bread!' So I thought, fuck it! I love bread too! Well maybe not that much, but a cold meat stuff sandwich is a pretty good damn lunch. Plus having so many people tell me about all the preservatives and chemicals they put in food these days, I'm trying to make more things myself and keep it simple. Fresh and REAL ingredients. This didn't quite pan out this time because I wanted to keep student budgets in mind and ease, so I picked up a mix from Lidl. But without this it would be roughly the same price, just flour and some dry active yeast!

I got a 1kg bag for £1.72 in the local Lidl, so far I've made 6 rolls with 500g. In the long run I think this is so much cheaper than buying a 2 pack of ciabatta for around £2-something, don't you think? Plus, you if you make the pack in 2 batches then they wont go off as quickly and if the shops are closed then your able to make your own! I love finding ways around annoying times and this is definitely a tasty one. All you need to do to this mix is add 360ml of warm water and 1 teaspoon of olive oil. I did a table spoon just because I like the flavour of olives. The best thing about this is getting to eat hot bread, when you break into a roll and the steam flows out. Such a guilty pleasure with a little slap of butter! YUMM. What do you think? Something you'd try? 

Until Next Time xo

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  1. Everyone says I'm weird because I don't like bread.. I don't dislike it, I just wouldn't ever choose it! These do look lovely though, and so much cheaper to make your own than buy them!!

    Jesss xo