Monday, 18 March 2013

Wild Garlic Canapés: Gourmet-Home made

You probably already know my new found obsession with the Hairy Bikers and just their love for real food. The best thing I took from their trip to Italy was just how fresh the food can be! James tells me all the time about being in Greece and getting fresh veg and olives almost just picked before you eat them! I'm still dreaming about having a garden full of food, on a sunny bit of land. One day. But on my walk today, we found some gorgeous wild garlic! It was like heaven, literally they sprung up everywhere so quickly! I did the same walk last Thursday and it was all leaves, now its green! Anyway, my Auntie kept talking about some gorgeous wild garlic crisps, that work perfectly for canapes. Oh yes.

The best thing about the Hairy Bikers, is that they teach you how to do 'posh' or rather gourmet for cheaper and things that people would actually eat on a daily basis. Also about fresh ingredients. These leaves were from ground to plate in roughly 2 hours. With all the vitamins still locked in. The best thing, it's just real food. No pesticides, no growth chemicals, just grown wild. This is such a delicacy. It's best to start picking now, so go go go. Once they grow slightly larger within about 3 weeks, they'll begin to taste bitter. Now they are tender and sweet. Gorgeous. These are so moreish and addictive, after making half my bunch they were nommed with 30 mins.. so back to the wok to dip some more. But as healthy as they seem, remember you are deep frying them too!

This is very, very simple. All you'll need to do is pick the leaves. Wash them thoroughly and don't let them drain too much. Keep just a bit of water on them for the flour to stick to. You'll want some self raising flour for this. Using a simple batter recipe (Tempura if your fancy) Lightly coat the leaves and deep fry until golden brown. How simple is that? 3 steps and your home free. We had ours with some Siracha goodness. These are best hot, while the batter is still crispy and light. But even after a while they just go a bit gooey, which is a whole new experience I'll leave to you. But this is real homemade-gourmet. 

Did you know, they've even made this stuff into lollipops now? 
The series of gourmet, everyday food with the Bikers is on 4oD if you wanted to watch! It comes highly recommended. Disclaimer: You may need to check local to you before you start picking away!

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  1. What a great find! I love what you did with the wild garlic. And your Sriracha graphic is too cute:)

    1. Aww thanks! Also, I completely forgot to link back to the people who made that cartoon! Wasn't me, oops! It's great though isn't it x

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  3. This both looks and sounds amazing! Now just need to go find some wild garlic.... (might go when its a bit warmer haha)

    Love Zoe x

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