Thursday, 31 January 2013

Glasses to fit

I love Gok Wan and I love his new range over at Specsavers. The big, thick frames have avoided the 'nerd' glasses cliche. Which I absolutely hate. If you don't need glasses but just think it's a nice accessories then fair enough. Get some cute glasses and style them. But if your going to just be completely blatant and wear them without lenses. Well you look dumb. If you really want to look good in glasses or just hate the idea of contact lenses and want to look good. Then the key is getting the right shape, thickness of frame and design.

The last pair I think look great, the print on the frames and gorgeous oval shape looks great on this model. But for me I don't think round frames would suit my face. Fitting glasses is just like fitting clothes, whether your pear shaped, apple or hour glass. You have to find what works. What do you think about the frame only glasses trend? Do you wear them for fashion or for necessity?
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  1. Hi Erica!

    I have some Gok Wan glasses that I wear religiously - I love them! They're so geek chic.

    I think its silly when people wear just the frames for fashion - what's the point?!

    Great post.