Saturday, 13 April 2013

Back To University

I hate when the weather is doing that stupid inbetweeny crap when it can't decide if it wants to start summer yet or stay in winter. It makes deciding what to wear so difficult! There's definitely a big trend for floral this spring, as with every spring. But a massive emphasise on wearing full prints. On everything! I'll save you too much flower power this time and suggest a few outfits for back to uni/college which ever institution of learning you'll be heading to!

I'm thinking of treating myself to some new jeans, I love the china print on these! And of course white jumpers are always in style so that too is on the list. I never took a second look at peplum tops other than to think what kind of weird throw back fashion trend is this? But I love the grey material here so I thought I'd just give it a go. No wonder peplums are such a big thing, the fit is amazing. Which means I can go for a big meal and get away with a pot bloated belly, hehehe! Also notice how I somehow manage to look exactly the same in both photos... weird.

What do you think of the looks? Tweet me what your wearing back to work/uni this spring and I'll add you photo below! @ericahenderson
Until Next Time xo


  1. Lovely post! Stealing sone ideas from it! :)

  2. Love this post :) Great outfits