Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Blueberries & Cream Profiteroles

Such a gorgeous day in Cardiff today. I hope the weather is treating you well wherever you are! The reruns of the Great British Bake Off have just started up again and they were challenged to make the infamous profiterole. I hate them, but I've only ever had the cheap and cheerful ones. So I knew it was time to make some myself, to my taste with a gorgeous fresh blueberry cream filling. Needless to say, these were the only 3 left after 30. (I did not eat them all to myself.. or maybe I did! Hrmm)

The clocks went back this weekend for the start of the 'British Summer' I'll believe it when I see it. It's still freezing today, but the sun is out so we'll just take what we can get before we have to jet off. The summer always brings to mind, fresh fruit with a healthy dollup of cream and some cocktails in the sun. The latter will have to wait for the temp to increase tho!

150ml cold water
50g butter cubed
60g strong plain flour
2 eggs
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

1 cup blueberries
250ml whipping cream

1. In a saucepan heat the water and butter together until a light simmer.
2. Before the water boils, we don't want to loose any by evaporation, take off the heat and add flour.
3. Beat rapidly until the mixture pulls away from the sides and forms a ball.
4. Add an egg beat well before adding another, the mixture will look like its splitting at this point, but with more mixing shall come back together.
5. Beat until you have a glossy mixture, spoon (or pipe) onto a greased baking tray and cook for 10 mins at 200 degrees.
6. Now turn the heat up to 220 degrees for a further 15 minutes.
( Don't be afraid of the rolls slightly browning, if they don't they will become soggy inside!)
7. Prick each with a tooth pick and transfer to a cooling rack to dry out.

8. Blend blueberries to make a puree.
9. Add cream and beat until thick.
10. Use a tablespoon or pipping bag to fill.
11. Garnish with fresh fruit, mint and a dust of icing sugar.

Until Next Time xo
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