Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Drummond Pub Review

I love the Drummond Pub, located very close to Guildford city centre. Being just a short 10 minutes away. The food is gorgeous, if your in need of some serious hearty yet perfectly cooked food the Drummond is the place. This really is a hidden gem and it's definitely a favourite for me and James. We've been here several times in the last 2 years and I've been dying to review the food for ages, but theres been so many times I've tried something delicious and gone back for more only to be disappointed. This clearly is not the case for the pub better known as the bulldog. The consistency of the food and being perfectly seasoned is just amazing. The atmosphere is always fairly lively but not annoying as so you can't hear each other speak. It's a real British pub, with proper pub food. I love it. 

Picture from website.
At £10 for my favourite chorizo stuffed burger, topped with BBQ pulled pork for an extra £2.50, I'd say its very reasonably priced. I grudge paying for food when I think I can cook it better myself. But it's always a treat to eat here and I'm determined to one day be hungry enough to finish my main and get the chocolate and salted caramel tart. But that's a challenge I doubt I'll accomplish any time soon. The burger is just huge and me and James are always battling to see who will finish more. Another favourite of mine is the 3 for £10 snacks. To accompany a refreshing pint the bulldog offers a tapas like snack menu. We've tried the sweet potato wedges, onion rings, chicken wings and pan fried chorizo. Sounds pretty plain and simple but it's so easy to get these so wrong. I had full confidence and I was not let down. The wings obviously were first to go! Especially when I was sitting with two hungry lads! But the wedges were nicely spiced and the onion rings. I've never had any like it. We all thought it was so strange how we were fascinated with them, but the batter was almost like tempura and the onions were real onions! Hahaha, so silly to say. But it was delicious.

I'd love to show you more pictures of the food but this day we got the same meal as it's just so good! But the images of the inside on the website I think are fairly old. I've never seen the Drummond like this. Take my word it's so much nicer and go see for yourselves. Unfourntanely it was late and we were eating by candle light so the picture doesn't really do the food justice. Heres an image from the site that unlike most places, is exactly how it looks. 

I highly recommend a visit to the bulldog pub, with friendly staff, gorgeous interior and even a heated and fairy lights lit beer garden. What's not to love?

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