Monday, 15 April 2013

Kokoro, Sushi Bar Review

I love sushi, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who fell trap to the supermarket so called 'sushi'. What a joke. My little brother claims to love sushi, but he's only ever had it from Tesco. So next time I'm in Guildford I'm picking a few trays up in a cooler bag and bringing them back home! The problem is most teenagers get into sushi because it's 'fashionable' or whatever. Then all of the sudden I found myself forcing it down just to say I like it. When I hated it. It's because supermarket sushi is crap!! I'm yet to find a quality sushi bar in Cardiff centre or anywhere surrounding for that fact. If you know of one please comment below and fill me in!

Salmon Nigiri, Chicken Katsu Nori, Wasabi.
The reason I love Kokoro so much is simple, it's just so understated. The only advertising they have for themselves is the store. I can't find them anywhere online but the store is always packed! This just goes to show that the food really does speak for itself. Since I had my first Salmon lovers box, (around £6.99) I find myself constantly stopping by for lunch when I'm on the high street shopping. Theres just enough space or a few people at their breakfast bars, seated at the windows looking out to the shoppers. But there have also been times when I resisted the temptation and decided to cook something myself, only to find myself rushing back into town to make the 8pm closing time and grab myself a medium box of hot sticky chicken on stir fry noodles (~£5) and some fresh salmon. Since the chefs know sushi inside and out, they know it's best FRESH. The sushi is made daily and throughout the day, so you know you wont be getting yesterdays left overs. Which means... get there too late in the day and they wont be stocking up because it wont go out tomorrow! 

I'm yet to become more adventurous and grab the deluxe box with eel, octopus and others. But they do have a selection of salads and pot stickers too! So you can imagine, the combination of how much I love food and eating out with James (who has a healthy appetite) we're racking up quite a bill. But so worth it since when I come home I say good bye to sushi times. Kokoro also offer a loyalty card. A few weeks ago I saved myself a free miso soup! I could go on but theres just no need. Enjoy the pictures, drool, be jealous and then go there. You'll thank me later, I know.

Salmon Nigiri at it's best.

My favourite sticky spicy chicken box.

Empty shelves late at night.

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