Thursday, 6 December 2012

Dear Readers...

... As many of you would have noticed my blogging had come to a complete stand still. Thank you all for coming and checking daily to see if there were any new posts. The only explanation I can offer you is one you would know yourselves, life being completely unpredictable has its ups and for that, has to have its downs. This was something that blogging among other things had to come second to. But the support from my friends, patience from my readers, PR contacts and companies I was in the middle of working with is so much appreciated. From today expect the usual random rants, strange fashion statements and some delicious/some disgusting recipes from my kitchen.

So, here we go with the first. A few weeks back I went with James' sister to a cupcake decorating class. The baker was a friend of the family so luckily we got in last minute. Since I'd been watching so many youtube tutorials I didn't think I would learn a lot. 

But I was wrong, cake toppers look so easy but actually they take a lot of skill. Depending on the design of course but it was lots of fun and I'd recommend it! All the tools you've always wanted to use were provided as well as some edible glitter spray which everyone was immediately addicted to. Those small flowers that you would usually purchase from the supermarket are very cheap to make but so fiddly as you want them to dry hard but that means they become so brittle!

How professional are these? We were very impressed and stuffed after a delicious tea and cake break. 
If your local and would like to try you can click here. The next class will be held on the 10th of December, for £30 you have 3 hours of decorating 12 cakes which you will take home. As well as the tea and cake break in between.
Until Next Time xo

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