Wednesday, 12 December 2012

I can see my breath

Yesterday I woke up to all the fields covered in frost, and about an inch of snowy ice layered on top of the fence. It was such a picturesque setting. I thought it would soon defrost with the sun, but I was wrong. As beautiful as it was, it was chilling to the bone. It stayed, the afternoon came and went. It stayed. It was cold. Cold. Got colder. I'd love to take a visit to winter wonderland, get my skates on and get into the festive spirit. But I'm afraid to leave my house. 

Hot Chocolate vs Winter Wonderland Cardiff
There's a fairly simple solution to try and remove yourself from a snuggly blanket, cosy fire and indulgent hot chocolate. That's the gorgeous winter selection from Next. I was surprised at the value for such thick, warm material. 

Beanie £10/ Gloves £12.50
But as gorgeous as those ski mittens are next, I think I'm just going to give it a miss and stick with these guys. Oh yes, snuggly penguin slippers and funky pj bottoms. 

Flannel pants £24/ Boots £14
Until Next Time xo

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