Thursday, 20 December 2012

Primark Nail Foil Review

Primark is usually known for quantity over quality. Admittedly there are some gorgeous garments that are pretty sturdy and will last you a while, but the majority is just a quick fix. So I was wondering about the beauty range and how well the varnish would fair against the other more established brands. Please excuse the poor photos!

These are definitely just a one day thing. Maybe if your going out or for a special occasion. The quality for £1 is excellent, but day 2 and they've chipped slightly. I would advise painting a faint colour underneath just so it doesn't give it away quite as easily. Also the application instructions are very confusing. Initially I thought the straight edges were meant to be closest to my cuticles, took a few attempts to realise that wasn't quite right! When filing and trimming the edges you need to be very careful not to pull away the whole design! Also these would last a lot longer if you paint a clear top coat.
What do you think? A perfect stocking filler if the price wasn't printed on the packaging, shame.
Until Next Time xo