Saturday, 8 December 2012


Have you ever walked around the high street and found some gorgeous stuff, but its just way out of your price range. But you think hey, I'll treat myself. Walk next door and find the item you just bought for cheaper? Well in most cases these businesses import from large factories so you could find duplicates everywhere?! And I'm going to give away a secret to you. eBay. There are so many independent small shops and wholesalers online that offer these items at ridiculously cheap prices. 

I found this gorgeous antler bracelet when I had a 'stocking fillers' notification, I immediately put it into my basket and continued browsing before going to pay. Then I thought about it and realised how quickly I'd been sucked in by these constant emails and notifications to spend my money on impulse! Having a quick look on eBay within a few minutes I'd found loads more for half the price including shipping. The left picture is £10 and the right is £6. Great advice? 

Another example, clearly you can see a difference in quality with the extra beads and genuine silver. But as fashion jewellery that comes in and out of fashion very quickly, its perfect! I got this with free delivery, granted it took 20 days to come as it was direct from the supplier in China. But for £1 I'm not complaining. This was my best kept secret so be careful who you tell about this! Happy shopping.
Until Next Time xo


  1. A great tip. I did a post like this a while back when I realised I should never spend full price on jewelery when it will inevitably be reduced or I can find it on Ebay :) I love that leaf bracelet, what a bargain, have had myeye on that style for a while xxx

  2. sound advice, although I muss admit I don't really shop over internet, but most of my friends do and they really do find the best stuff on Ebay.

  3. Ebay is like the heaven of shopping ^^

    Love, Raluca