Monday, 10 December 2012

Heel Condoms, wait what?

I'm not sure how I got to this part of the internet but I was a little scared I'd see something like this.

But instead I found something amazing. I have so many pairs of shoes in my room, but every time I go shopping theres always a new pair I want. This is such an amazing solution, hopefully the exchange rate applies other wise I'll just buy a new pair of heels! Heel condoms are almost a personalising accessory so you can change the style of any of your favourite heels. 

So for me this means never having to wear in a new pair of heels ever again. Well thats in theory anyway. The average price is $40 for the newest additions and $25 for the rest. I'm also wondering how well they'd stay especially for those girls who party all night long? I guess this is an excuse for me to review them now? Theres always a excuse to shop. Which is your favourite? If you can't wait the postage time, check their website for your local stockist, they're pretty well represented. 

Until Next Time xo


  1. Thus is such an interesting concept! Defo save money on heel condoms ;-)

  2. Interesting and crazy!
    But a good crazy!

    Love, Raluca