Saturday, 22 December 2012

Converse Vs The Rain

I don't know about other countries, or where you reading from. But in the UK the roads are turning into rivers and it's starting to look a bit like Venice, without the suitable transport. Weather warnings are telling us to avoid leaving the house unless necessary for some areas and most trains have been cancelled. So my problem always is that I get soaked. I've been trying my different shoes to see which fairs the best. Pretty sad, but a good tip I thought? If you need a pair of shoes to wear while you go out and buy a pair of wellington boots, I suggest converse. My black leather boots were very waterproof but after a few hours they became really painful and my foot has been hurting for 3 days since. Somethings not right there. But any plimsolls you wear will just end in tears. So I tried my Converse and they were brilliant. Obviously I don't want to get them broken or dirty but that inch of white rubber at the bottom seems to protect you from everything. Amazing.

This is meant to be a field, not a lake.

The pictures don't really show how deep and heavy the rain has fallen, but its been bad!
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