Friday, 26 October 2012

Barry M and Rimmel

After trying some Nail inc colours at the student lock in I was craving some new varnishes. But at £11 a bottle I can't justify buying Nail inc although you do get a more vibrant colour from some of the range. I picked up 3 Rimmel 60 seconds.

The grey colour I tried was gorgeous but the Rimmel version fails to live up to the standard. Although the bottle looked like a very similar colour and the quality is usually very good. After my nails dried the colour was disappointing and looked a rather dull and dirty shade of grey. 
The red was my favourite a very vibrant, popping and sexy red. It dries very quickly and only needed one coat for a gorgeous last minute touch. 
But the black which I thought was a sure thing, was not. It took 4 coats to get a nice bold, black colour. After the first two coats it looked like a liquidy eye liner effect. Bit strange but a few more coats and the colour is gothic and gorgeous. 
Aqua green (I really can't remember what this colour is actually called, so for now its aqua green? ha) is a very in demand colour this autumn, its been used everywhere. From blazers to shoes and now nails. This colour is gorgeous, it takes longer to dry than the others obviously but the result is gorgeous. It does need 2 coats but then most colours do. 

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