Thursday, 18 October 2012

Winter Accessories

Its getting colder, swimwear is well in the back of the wardrobe and the wellies are out! It rains so much here in Wales that an umbrella is simply a winter must have. Well all year round accessory really. But styling it up can make the day seem just slightly less drab. How about a brogue umbrella? Very cute! I love bobble hats, great for bad hair days and also keeps you very warm. 

Alongside some gorgeous boots this season, leg warmers are a must. Not only are they so comforting and cosy. They look great jazzing up some plain boots or a simple jean-jumper outfit. I've seen some very on trend scarfs this autumn. Seems they aren't just a practical item anymore, there are so many with bright patterns, jewels and studs. There's so much on the high street to choose from ranging some simple thin layer ups in primark £3 - to thick, winter warmers from Zara £30. Whats your choice?