Monday, 1 October 2012

Hobos, deliciously different

First day back at uni and the longest day ever, 9-6! Plus all the commuting, so much effort! To brighten up the day we took a lunch break into Cardiff town centre, in search of some original vintage. Oh yes.

I've walked past Hobos, so many times and never thought to go in. Until today. My god have I been missing out! It's amazing, there are so many knit jumpers with so many different designs it crazy! It was like winter heaven! I wanted to come back and get it, but the owner told me they're all one of a kind! Even better, no awkward we're wearing the same thing. 

I really hope my favourite is still there when I go back! .....Oh and one more thing I was expecting was a horrific price tag because of the gorgeous quality, somewhere in the region of £70-£80. Considering it was very soft, an original and simply so vintage. They were Granny's jumpers gone right. Me and my friend couldn't believe the price £18! Absolute bargain.
The owner was lovely and let me take some snaps.

The pictures unfortunately do not do the clothes justice. I'll be back to buy my winter warmer and I'll update some better pictures! Hobos goes live, you will soon be able to shop online: 

What do you think of my vintage find? Erica xo


  1. Ooo they all look gorgeous! I love finding little gem places like that :)
    Good luck with Uni :)

    Love Holly oxo

  2. I wish we had more Vintage shops here, that one looks fab!

    The Style Rawr!

  3. Lovely post and blog! I work at Hobo's! Look forward to perhaps seeing you soon :)

    1. Thank you! That must be such an amazing job! Yea I'll be popping in soon (: