Saturday, 27 October 2012

Named and Shamed - Topshop

As much as I love the fashion forward ways of Topshop, the amazing shoes and fitted jeans. I hate the standard of the jewellery. The design is great and generally unique they are completely overpriced for the quality. An item you'd expect to last you at least 2 years since you paid around £15 for (triple the price in Primark) the quality is of the same standard. Every item of jewellery I've ever bought from Topshop has broken within the first 3 weeks. This isn't because I'm throwing it on the floor and doing a work out in them, they just never make the grade.
The final straw was today when I nipped into the sale and bought a gorgeous T I'd been eyeing up for a while. I found a huge range of cuff earrings which I am addicted to and purchased a dainty Aztec gem one for £2.50. Yes it was only £2.50 but they were selling this full priced not long ago so the fact it broke when I took it out of the packaging? Wheres the explanation.... 

The feathered one managed to be removed from the packaging without breaking, but I'm scared to wear it out of the house. Has anyone had a similar experience? Or am I just very heavy handed?

I'm going back tomorrow to see what they can do. I will let you know!
Until Next Time xo

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