Tuesday, 30 October 2012


The amazing American milkshake joint in Guildford's busy town centre has closed down! They used to make the best, creamiest milkshakes using different commercial cookies, chocolates, candies and sweets. I only ever had one the kinder bueno and it was so amazing. Chocolate, hazelnut, white chocolate, ice-cream and milk. So indulgent but so good. It's a shame when you see big businesses being bought out by large chain companies, which there is one down the road from this establishment. Goodbye shakes!


  1. Hi Erica,

    Thanks for the kind words and support! I think I speak for all the ex-employee's when I say we certainly miss putting a smile on our customers faces!

    And the milkshakes... Oh how we miss the milkshakes...

    Thanks again,
    Robin - The (Ex-)Prince of Shakes! (and fly-looking guy from the picture)

    1. That is a pretty fly outfit! Your welcome, thank you for all the fantastic milkshakes, you will be missed!