Monday, 21 January 2013

Birmingham Bloggers Meet Up!

A few months back I was invited to meet up with a few beauty bloggers and some from other niches. I didn't know what to expect! I'd never been before, but from this alone I will never turn down another meet up. It's great to speak to other bloggers, especially since a lot of them were still in or leaving uni and around my age! I was very nervous initially, but as soon as I was on the train it all went away and I was just left with pure excitement. 

Gemma from button's blog put on the most incredible day, from shopping to free cocktails to a gorgeous meal. She was so stressed and worried we wouldn't make it from all the snow, but there was no way I was going to miss a free cocktail. I mean, come on! I love cocktails! 2 hours later, I arrived at New Street, grabbed a hot choc and we all got chatting. With the help of Clare from a teenie bit of this and that  and Sara from Pretty In Pink I think it was a great success!
After our coco, since it was freezing and I had to ignore fashion for once and stick some wellingtons on, we headed out shopping around the Pallasades and the Bullring. Unfortunately I have nothing to show you as I didn't buy anything! But I got convinced to put another hole in my person, I've wanted my tragus pierced for ages, now it's done and I love my new baby! From this to the free cocktails I mentioned ;) Wow. They were strong, I had two and I was nearly off my chair. But nevertheless they were delicious and refreshing, perfect afternoon tipple from Rodizio Rico. 

Click to enlarge.


Cheeky picture of my piercing, because I'm obsessed.
This really was a jam packed day, after cocktails we went for a sit down meal in Red Peppers. Just the opposite side of the mailbox. We were so hungry at this point we couldn't wait to eat. But with so many of us sitting down to eat, we had a while to wait. So obviously, the only option we had was to get more cocktails! I'd recommend both Rodizio Rico and Red Peppers to anyone visiting Birmingham, great service, lovely staff and brilliant food and drinks! I wanted a burger, but saw lamb moussaka and I was sold. It was great, the dish as a whole was lacking olive oil. If it's going Greek I want the full Greek, give me some olives while your there too! But it was delicious and the feta was beautiful. Very rich in flavour and perfectly crumbly. After we stuffed our faces, which was a total of 3 minutes silence, we received a goodie bag each absolutely crammed with gifts! I'd like to thank all the sponsors and can't wait to review these products. There's also a short Vlog video by Beca, from Beca boos make up at the bottom!

I had an amazing day, so much that I'm thinking of planning my own! A drink or two with some great company at my favourite cocktail bar, why not? If you've never been to a meet up before and are feeling nervous or even backing out! I'm telling you go for it. Everyone had a base line in common.. blogging. Then on top of that I just clicked with some fantastic people who will hopefully keep in touch! I will post all those products^^ in separate reviews, they all need a chance to shine. Thanks again to the organisers for such an enjoyable day. Love you guys!
Until Next Time xo

Heres a massive list of links for you guys to check out. From all the lovely bloggers I met:


  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I'm very jealous!

  2. love this entire look, you are so beautiful. xO!

  3. thanks so much for adding my link :) it was a a great day and lovely to meet you :) xxx

  4. Really enjoyed reading this! Can't believe there was a meet up in my hometown, love seeing the photos :D x