Saturday, 19 January 2013

Top 5 Bad Beauty Habits - The Dirty Secret Behind Your Brushes #1

Who knew the cause of most zit break outs (after puberty of course) could be your make-up brushes? When you buy your brushes your told to clean them but who ever does? Cleaning your brushes not only removes bacteria, but improves the finish of your make-up. It's how the companies intended them to be, fluffy, soft and light. Giving a glowing, air brushed finish.

Your make-up brushes collect cosmetic particles and dead skin cells. This is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, that are transferred from your face or air born. For those of you with acne, washing your make-up brushes will help a lot. Ideally you should be wearing as little foundation as possible, but if this is your confidence blanket, make sure your washing them every single night!
If you don't suffer from acne, you still should be washing them nightly. Obviously this can become tedious, but when your doing your facial skin routine just add this on as an extra and soon you won't even notice it.

I normally use the shampoo I'm currently using on my hair or more often Johnson's baby shampoo. It's gentle enough to protect the hairs, but strong enough to get out the dirt. Please keep in mind my foundation is very dark and that isn't just muck! Click if you'd like to read a tutorial with my red double headed Smashbox brush. If you'd like to know anything about my brushes just leave a comment.

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  1. I never wash my brushes which is so so gross, but after reading ths I definitely need to start doing it! It was lovely meeting you yesterday at the Birmingham set up, hope you got home safe!

  2. A spa I once worked at, it wasn't regular practice to wash the makeup brushesadn the owner didn't even seem to yuck is that?!

    I left there very quickly!

    Love this post xx

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    Chat soon hun!