Sunday, 20 January 2013

Plus Size Ranting

After I saw thousands of posts about London fashion week, Milan, Paris... even Cardiff! This is a first.. British Plus Size Fashion Week. Oh yes. Finally with all the TV shows about how 'normal' models who actually have a BMI of an anorexic person, there is a show promoting curvy women. Its fantastic that its in London, the centre of British attention. 

This I believe, will always be an on going debate for the fashion industry and high schools a like. What is fat, what is skinny and what is normal? For me... Normal is having no rib cage poking through the skin and having a healthy amount of bum. Everyone loves a curvy bum! But I saw an interesting photo online of a woman in the 60's with massive hips and a large set of front bumps. She was strikingly beautiful and had a little podge, a man had typed over.. "Since when is this not sexy?" He was right, how can a woman who is naturally designed to have bigger hips than a man be almost like a stick figure. I've seen so many girls out shopping where their legs are the width of my wrist! And I'm curvy, big whatever but my wrists are not that big! It's alarming to wonder what they look like under all the winter layers, are they going to snap? My mum had given me one of her old beauty books a few months back, it read 'Don't let them call you skinny.'

My argument is not that size 6 is unhealthy, because its not. As long as that is what your body is. If your forcing it go to there and on an extremely restricted diet, that is not your size. Having said this I don't believe everyone should be massive and curvaceous, the controversy lies with the British women's average dress size being a UK14. Up 2 sizes in 3 years. Crystal Renn was a size 6 model and when she decided to rebel against the industry gained up to a size 16. She was still beautiful either way, but she looked healthier at least. She stood for women who were larger or arguably at their correct weight. But soon after she crippled under the pressure and dropped back to a size 6.

If you saw these pictures on the right alone, would they seem average? But compared to the 'normal' model, she seems over weight. Whats your opinion? I could go on, maybe because I'm bigger than a size 6. Maybe because I have a point, do you disagree or have a similar feeling?
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