Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Things I want

Seems like everyone is doing a post about things they want, wish lists and stuff! So, there must be some kind of secret magic behind it right? I'm going to post this then all of them are going to turn up on my door step :) woo! No. But I'm going to do it anyway. Just so you can see what may or may not be featured on my blog. What are you wishing for this Jan?

I know these things aren usually fashion based, but I feel like my blog has been lacking in the food and lifestyle section for a while. So here's just a random bunch of stuff that I'm going to track down and buy.

1. A pasta machine! Okay so if you guys are following me on twitter, you'll know I just signed a contract for my student house yay! So I've been going a bit crazy with thoughts for decorating my room and the garden and things I could bake in our kitchen. But everyone know's being a student isn't all fun and games when you have to figure out your budget. I'm thinking, if most students buy pasta because its cheap then surely making the pasta is even cheaper and it'll probably taste nicer and be healthier! So yes, pasta machine you've made the cut.
2. Hands free mixer. Just from my recent posts you can see I'm addicted to cupcakes (confession I only normally eat about 1 out of the whole batch, because I make so many I'd get sick of them ): )
But this particular one costs £400, so for now, I think I'll be using my little hand mixer from ASDA.
3. White strapped watch. I had a gorgeous look a like toy watch I got on eBay a few years ago. I was obsessed with it and got a few comments so I ended up wearing it everyday. Until the chains broke last month. So at £4 for this? Seems pretty worth it.
4. Explorer necklace. I think it's just really cute and even has a dangly pair of binoculars! AWWW!
5. Cheshire cat ring. My cousin has an amazing Cheshire cat from (Alice in Wonderland) hat. It looks so creepy, with is massive grin on a black flat cap. I wanted something like it ever since I saw him wear it. But they were all too girly and cute until I found this fella!
6. The blow torch. Oh yes, for my meringue adventures. I should have put this on my Christmas list, I just completely forgot! I thought these were really expensive but I've found a little shop in Cardiff that's selling for £21.
7. R2-TEA2 cup. I have no idea where to buy this. I stumbled upon and now I want it. 

I saw this on pinterest a few weeks ago. The link was broken and I've been searching since. This would be perfect for my uni bedroom, but everyone seems to be hunting for it. I've tried the Hunt website but no luck, any readers know where to get this?

Oh and a bed canopy. I want a bed canopy too. It looks pretty expensive, but eBay!
So what did you think of this post? Enjoy reading or a bit of a waste of time? It was nice sharing what I've found with you guys and let me know if you can find that dream catcher curtain!
Until Next Time xo

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