Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Introducing Ji Ji KiKi...

Online shopping is huge, everyone is raving on about the effortlessness that comes with shopping from the comfort of your sofa. So for you, here is Ji Ji KiKi. A gorgeous company bringing you simply stylish clothes and some cute and kitsch Jewellery. Personally I'm a big fan of they're Vintage range, classy and charming. If you put something cute in front of me.. I have to own it. And they have many! Click here to go shopping, but first here are my top picks!

Click item name to view on website
Giraffe - £16/ Grey & White - £27/
Forest Green - £25/ Rabbit bag - £4.50

Mr Octopus, you shall be mine.
Fiesta - £12/ Octopus - £12Rocking Horse - £6.50/ Globe - £12

This amazing indie retailer offers free shipping over £30 and standard for £1.65 around the UK. So whats not to love? They even have a great home ware section but I'll get to that on my bedroom interior posts coming soon! You should be hearing more from Ji Ji KiKi in the near future, starting in 2008 as a small business looking from the website you can see Emma the founder has had huge success. And we can see why!
Normally with this dainty jewellery I find that after a few wears the chains fade and snap, but with the following they have received this seems to be a promising purchase! We will see!

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