Sunday, 27 January 2013

Racism On The School Bus...

My 11 year old brother came home today with some fabulous scones he cooked in home ec, he was very proud and they looked great. We praised him and gobbled down some delicious chocolate chipped scones, with a slather of butter. But I could see something wasn't right. The conversation quickly diverted to a young girl a few years above him that had recently joined the school. After messing around with his friends on the school bus, just being silly as kids do with unusual noises and such, this girl quickly span around and told them of her cousin with disabilities. They quickly apologised as we've always taught him to appreciate how fortunate we are. He'd never make fun of anyone. But she was determined that he was in the wrong, the situation quickly escalated to which she called him a Chinese c*nt! Can you believe a girl of 13. Naturally my heart raced, my hands became sweaty and I was unnerved. This immediately brought back my memories of high school and how quickly most of us forget the hell that goes on. It seems that once your out of that 11-17 age range we just all remember the good memories and how we'll miss the people we've met as we move forward.

I thought I'd use this post to speak to my teenage readers, older siblings and possibly parents. There were some days I hated high school and others I loved. I consider myself quite fortunate that I wasn't subjected to some of the very harsh and severe bullying that my peers suffered. But for you reading, if someone is putting you down, belittling you or making you feel uncomfortable. Don't stand for it, stand up for yourself and make it a point. I thought if I kept quiet that they'd get bored or just leave me alone. But it didn't. I've been called nigger on the bus, had food thrown at me and a few times stabbed in the leg with sewing needles from textile classes. This is bullshit. I'd never take this crap now and if I could go back to high school and do it again, I'd be more confident with myself and quite bluntly not give a shit about the clicky popular girls that I always wanted to look like. Or get drunk with. Or be a girlfriend to a popular boy. It really doesn't matter. I wasn't one of those because that wasn't my personality, I wish I had known. Too much time spent keeping up with the Jones', trying to diet and slap on make-up which most of, I didn't even know how to use. 

I remember one incident where a new boy had transferred to the school. He's Indian and this didn't sit well for some boys in the year above. I had finished my lunch and was heading to our area, suddenly there was a surge of people. Kids were running all in one direction and it seemed a fight was breaking out. Usually this is a rare moment and everyone is jeering and ready to watch the entertainment, which when you think about it is absolutely sick. It wouldn't have been so bad if both boys were ready for a fight, but it seemed nearly half the school had turned up to surround one boy. The new boy. Everyone was shouting at him and it was just surreal. I hate to see things like this and there have been other times where I've stood up for people. But this was unreal, I was literally frozen watching, without a clue as to what to do. Luckily, a new friend he had made came and supported him and pulled him away. How does stuff like this happen? Why? Some children are brought up in very old fashion environments and that's where they learn to act this way. But where were the teachers at this time? 

I always wished I had an older brother or sister that I could tell and would speak to these people for me. I didn't know what exactly they would have or could have done. But just knowing they had been warned seemed like a good option. If something happened to my friends at school they'd always tell their siblings and then that situation was quickly diffused. My parents were always there but I thought that was just bringing too much attention so I always told them not to bother and I just dealt with it myself. Now I have two younger brothers and this has happened. I'm not taking it, I will be speaking to the girl and her parents about the situation. Hopefully it will be nipped in the bud and end well. 

Here's a picture of the delicious scones to lighten the mood a little.
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If your a blogger reading or just anyone. I'm tagging you. Speak out to bullying.


  1. Your poor young brother. Nobody should ever be subjected to being called the C word. He just needs to remember that, with people like that, you will always come out on top. Narrow minded people that can't accept other people for who they are or what they believe will never go very far.

    Lindsey. x

  2. Amazing post Erica! Good for you highlighting this! It's disgusting that anyone would use that language like that/racially abuse someone, never mind a GIRL OF 13!!! She needs a stern talking to, and her parents as well, because no kid of mine would come out with something so appalling! They need a parenting lesson for sure. It's so sad to hear of it still going on. I'm actually a quarter Jamaican, although you wouldn't think it to look at me, so I know some of the awful things my Dad's been called in the past. I won't stand for bullying of any kind and certainly not racism! I remember being in primary school, and a boy in my class saying something racist about a Footballer... I went straight and told the teacher... and needless to say the boy shit his pants and started crying... you know why... because most racists/bullies are pussies and when confronted they shit themselves. He never said anything like that around me again that's for sure! Makes me so angry that ignorant people like tat exist in this world, it really does!!!

    Lots of love,
    Carmen xxx |

  3. I'm so sorry your brother had to go through that. Things like this make me feel so sick. What is the world coming to when a girl of 13 uses language like that? And it's not just the c word, it's the racism as well which makes it a hundred times worse! I think schools need to sort themselves out and teach kids that racism is wrong, as well as ableism, classism and homophobia. There's absolutely no need for it.
    I was bullied for the whole 5 years I was at high school, for being ginger and it really affected me afterwards. I left the school I was at and switched to a different one for Sixth Form but I didn't get on with the teaching methods there so I went from good grades, to really really bad ones. If I hadn't been bullied, I would have stayed at my original school and I'm sure I would have got a lot further than I have now.
    People like that need putting in their place. You should definitely have a word with the headteacher!
    Hope you get it all sorted x