Wednesday, 23 January 2013

FIX by Neäl & Wolf

I got this gorgeous hair spray, FIX, from the Birmingham Blogger Meet Up last Saturday. I couldn't wait to get this one out and see if it really was going to do it's job!
"FIX is designed to give maximum long-lasting hold whilst intensifying shine. Spritz onto a finished style to create all-day hold with radiant shine." Ok Neäl & Wolf, lets see if this worked. I styled and finished with a sprinkle of FIX. Wow, the packaging is so romantic and indulgent. The product lives up to expectations. Normally, I find it so hard to get an all day hold because my hair is so thick and heavy. The curls normally drop beyond recognition. I admit it didn't quite last all day, but the longest hold I've found yet! I love the smell of this product too, it's very warm and just an added bonus. It's not teeming with chemicals, so you don't have to hold your breath, do a massive spray, run out of the room and cough the shit out of your lungs! It's quite the opposite actually, it's gentle and subtle. The spray itself isn't a continuos generic spray, it's pumped. I think this gives it more control which is great.  

Here's how I styled it. Big, poofy, poof curls. My favourite, with loads of volume. At £11.95 for 250ml, I'm definitely going to make this a staple in my beauty bag! But I'll probably keep it for specials occasions. Dinners, dates with my boyfriend and nights out.
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