Friday, 18 January 2013

Ice Ice Baby

The UK is getting hit with a 'snow blizzard' today and the past few days leading up to it have been unpleasantly cold to say the least. (I write this from midnight, so we may have snow right now... we may have been lied to) It came out of no where and it's absolutely freezing. The pavements are slippery and the puddles have frozen over. I have so many plans, but the UK is terrible with snow, any amount and the country comes to a stand still. Unwanted snow - is any time of the year that is not Christmas. My Bulgarian friend laughs at our thought of 'snow'! But the news usually over exaggerates the weather... so we will see.

Just as the temperature started to drop the central heating failed and the house just froze over. So my post today is about how to either save on central heating. Or get warmer when yours has failed. Having water bottles are essential for the winter, they should be on Sale around this time. I got 2 from Primark for £3. Also, I got this cute lion warmer for Christmas. You removed the heat beans from the middle and microwave for one minute, after putting it back you have a warm snuggly bear. Plus is smells of gorgeous lavender.

If its really cold, opt to use your oven rather than the hob when cooking dinner. Or bake some delicious cupcakes! The heat from the oven will fill up the room, like an unsightly modern fire place! Make sure you keep on some thick warm socks and a scarf. For a quick fix hot water bottle, fill an empty plastic bottle with hot tap water. Do not use boiling water as the bottle will melt!

1. Grab some rice or dry beans
2. Fill an old sock
3. Distribute evenly
(4. dip in cold water or cold injury ice pack and put in fridge)

If you don't want to splurge on a teddy heater, fill some old socks with dried beans or rice. Make sure they don't have any flammable decorations and microwave for 1 minute max on a 800W machine. This should keep you toasty for a while, do not reheat until your choice of stuffing has cooled completely.

Hope this helped you!
Until next Time xo

*EDIT* - I was wrong... it snowed. I'm missing my exam! NOO!
Yes this amount of snow has crippled Britain.

Walking to exams.


  1. So jealous of all your snow :( I'm in Manchester and yes it is snowing, but tiny flakes so hardly any on the ground, just a light dusting. I love snow, mainly because I live din Texas for 11 years and it was so rare there. Mind you they have already had two significant snow falls this winter while I've had none. I am holding out hope we get a good amount tonight.

    Hope you can drop by my new blog, only been writing one for less than two weeks, so a follow on GFC would be great as once I reach 100, very soon i think, I am doing a giveaway, let me know if you do want to follow each other xx

  2. This snow is nasty :( fingers crossed its not too bad in the morning xx