Thursday, 17 January 2013

Make Yourself Cosy

There's been a massive media flux over 'sexy' bedrooms. I have no idea why you would want a sexy bedroom but I would love a dim lighted, soft and elegant room. One which is easy on the eye and very relaxing. Since I've finally found a nice uni house for next year (yay!) I've been going interior crazy. Next has some brilliant solutions if your an affluent student, just splashing out or just not a student really! But I'll also be picking a few gorgeous designs to DIY. I'll keep you posted!

I love the bare woodwork and draping canopies over the bed, very romantic and girly. But I'm torn between a bohemian room filled with deep, rich purple and gold coloured fabrics. And lots of Moroccan lanterns, filled with scented candles. I'm getting carried away, back to the basics. Dainty fairy rose petal lighting and some cushy pillows. Because really, a girl can never have too many pillows and pointless soft, snuggly things covering the bed!

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Lantern - £50/ Rose Lights - £25/ Novelty Love - £14

Pillows - £8/ Throws - £25
What do you think? I'm determined to DIY that Reserved pillow. So I can have one either side of my bed. But I think having a pack of mints to lay on top every day would be a step too far...

Until next Time xo