Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Jewellery organisers - DIY!

I've been on YouTube every single day over summer and I need to make something! I went a bit DIY crazy today, but got it out of my system... kind of. I've made 3 small units to organise my jewls and shinies. Obviously you'll notice there's no where for the necklaces! I'm buying some screw hooks to attach to the bottom of  the ear rings holder and then hang the unit on the wall. Okay so I forgot to take photos as I went along because I got really carried away. So I'll explain roughly and just leave a comment where you don't understand.

Lost half my earring collection, definitely a reason to go shopping!
So to make this, you'll need a cheap frame from ikea or a charity shop. Remove the back and glass, then turn it over and stick pins in the sides. When the pin is half way into the wood, measure your string across the frame, cut and tie a knot on the needle of the pin. Add some glue to secure and hammer in. Continue all the way down.
Going to make some rings to soon, need to fill this baby up.
For your ring holder, you need any old box you can find. An old chocolate box or a sturdier fancy box. Its up to you. I just used an old Lindt box from Easter. Yea for some reason it took me until now to eat them? Anyway some old material, super glue or a hot glue gun and a pair of scissors. Measure the width of your box and then cut length around 40-50cm. You'll need to test the length to see how high the roll will be, this will all depend on your box. Then after cutting and rolling the strips. Seal them and glue into the box. You'll need more than fits naturally as they have to squish up to secure the rings. DONT glue between each roll, that's where the rings go. Just underneath and the sides. Done.

Here's a bigger pic.

I got so into it at this point I completely forgot to take pictures altogether!

But here's the video I got the idea from, so you can make one yourself!

If you have any questions let me know and I'll update you when I get these screw hooks!

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