Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Nandos for £4.90

The catch? You have to cook it yourself! Yeah. 

I don't even need to introduce nandos. You all know and love it! Chicken, chicken, sweet corn, peri chips, chicken, macho peas, chicken, frozen yoghurt, salad, olives yum. 
It's always been so cheap! £10 would get you a nice sized meal and a bottomless soft drink. Awesome. I went there loads last September when my student loan went through. Hence I spent a shit load of money, mainly on service and atmosphere. Nandos have a huge DIY range, I thought they'd never bottle and sell the actual secret recipe so I never bought it. James got some for the cupboard so I thought I'd see for myself. 

Verdict? Fucking delicious. 
We've been eating alot of carbs recently so if you wanted it with chips just oven some frozen ones.

Chicken portions
Nandos marinade 
Olive oil

Okay so, rub in about 1/4 of the marinade bottle onto 5 portions of chicken. (this is rough so you'll just need to make sure the chicken is nicely covered) with the diced onion and garlic. You'll need about half  a small onion and 1 clove of garlic. Leave this overnight or minimum 15 minutes. 
Fry in a little olive oil. Cooking the chicken on a low heat with the lid on for roughly 10 minutes. Then turn and cover for further 7 minutes. Poke a knife into the meat near the bone or centre to check for oozing blood. If its still kicking cook for a bit longer. 
To get a char coaled effect like how they serve in Nando's, when your chicken is just about ready pour into the pan and on the chicken more marinade or the sauce if you bought that too. Stir just to get the sauce onto chicken. Whack up the heat and the sauce should burn black. This doesn't taste horrible and burnt. It tastes like sweet, spicy goodness. Bit if your squeamish you can leave that step.

For the cooked salad, you need to half the Aubergine, cut a border and using a spoon scoop out the inside guts. Lightly olive oil the skin and stick under the grill for 3-4 minutes, until wrinkly and slightly browned. Then chop up all the fleshy part into small cubes. Quarter the tomatoes and chop up the cucumber. 
Back to the Aubergine, you'll need to turn it over and brush a little olive oil and pepper, then back in for 3 minutes. 
Cook the spinach slightly just by simmering in hot water, strain and fry with diced garlic and onion in the oil from the chicken. (added flavour ;))  add all the veg and simmer on high heat until water is reduced. Then season with salt, pepper and oregano. Plate up using the hollowed Aubergine as a veg bowl. Yumm!! Omg, we've had home made nandos chicken for about nearly 2 weeks straight (excluding breakfast) its so good!

Pricing is by portions of ingredients used not by whole cost of ingredients.

Here's a quick carb fix If you've only got a bit of pasta instead of cooking the veg alone throw in some pasta and fry together add a little oyster, BBQ or more nandos sauce!  

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