Sunday, 2 September 2012

Late Summer Holidays.

It's coming to the time of year where the holidays are being flogged cheap and the Brits are literally running from the ever predictable rain. As we count down the days to Autumn I'm planning my long weekend away to a beautiful, hot, cultural country.
Scanning the web for the best deal, I had my wardrobe flickering through my mind and a shopping trip for said holiday. I'm so excited! Can't wait for fresh seafood mixes, prosciutto ham and olive platters and cocktails by the beach! For those of you going away, or for maybe even that odd ray of sunshine we get here in the sunny UK, here's an autumn sun outfit.


And here are my 2 outfits, based on the asymmetrical skirts that are very hot this past summer season. Evening outfit idea, for those warm nights at a tavern overlooking a gorgeous beach sunset. Bright orange to compliment the scene and some bold jewellery, with dainty shoes to add height to the dress. Wouldn't want it scraping the floor as you drag yourself around! Stacked rings to add some chunky detail, this makes for a more casual feel as the dress is more evening dinner party. Dangling chain cuff to add 'attitude' and personality, it also gives more detail as the dress is fairly simple.

Dress, cuff - Asos. Shoes - RiverIsland. Ring set - Topshop.

Shirt dress - Topshop. Cuff - Asos. Bag and shoes - eBay. 

For those of you staying in the brisk UK, here's a more practical outfit. An over sized shirt (which is advertised as a dress, although I'd prefer to wear studded black leggings just as extra coverage) This casual outfit would be great for shopping (easier in the changing rooms!) or for coffee with the girls.
Maybe I should do a tutorial for a braided hair up do too? If you feel this is too frumpy, add a skinny belt with a chunky buckle to pull in your stomach.

Tip of the day - Use craft book corners, you can purchase from craft stores or some superstores, to add detail to collars. (As seen above) The retail as a pack of 4 around £5. Use a small drop of superglue to secure in place as the peel off stickers are sometimes a little weak! Would you like a tutorial?

Thanks for reading and hope you had a good weekend!

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