Saturday, 8 September 2012

Greek feast for 2!

Yum yum yum. I love food and if you don't stop reading now. Until last year I never knew how delicious and healthy Greek food is! I hated olives and would not go near feta cheese. If you've never had any go and buy some! Being on a budget doesn't mean you can't eat like a king, you just need to be wise about how you shop and what you want. Here's my quick Greek platter I learnt from my boyfriend. We set up a picnic on the floor and ate till we popped. James introduces me to loads of Greek dishes so as I learn I'll keep you posted!

Fake Souvlaki -                      Tzatziki -                     Greek chips -                          Greek salad - 
Pan fried beef chunks             Greek yoghurt             Peeled and sliced potato         Spinach, boiled
Baguette                                 Grated cucumber         Fry in olive oil                        Chopped tomato
Fried onion                             Drizzle olive oil in.      Drain off oil                            Chopped cucumber
Mix in salad and tzatziki         Raw garlic, diced        Sprinkle oregano                    Block of feta
Squish and eat!                       Swirl and enjoy.          Small sprinkle of salt              Olive oil, salt and 
                                                                                    Nom.                                      pepper.


If your a very patriotic Greek, you'll understand the 'fake souvlaki' and for those who don't know, souvlaki is a gorgeous healthy Greek fast food. A kebab stuffed with salad, skewered pork, tzatziki and chips all rolled up into one spongy pita. This was as close as we could do with our budget, otherwise we'd be flying to sunny Greece just to get our hands on one! The recipe isn't very strict, because I hate cooking that way.  I splash a bit of olive oil and chuck in whatever I feel it needs, so just be care free and enjoy cooking. I'd just like to add this is my take on Greek food!

My tip for supermarket olives, try Kalamata. Once you try it you'll understand why.

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