Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Moving out to uni? My top 10 tips.

You've just spent the best summer ever, going crazy, partying and having a laugh. There's nothing left to do now until you move out, so you literally did nothing this summer. But for the next 2 weeks, university life is on your mind. What will it be like? Will I make friends? Can I cook or will I starve? What are my house mates like and are they batshit crazy? Oh crap, this is happening.
So just for you, I've made a top 10 tips list. I hope it helps and you have nothing to worry about apart from passing your degree. Oh and congratulations! Time to say goodbye to luxury and hello to freedom.

From highschool to uni.
  1. The fresher 15. The first and the biggest. In my book anyway. Freshers 15 is 15lbs of dreaded weight gain. For most starting uni its free from parents which means drinking and take aways. But if you plan on taking up this diet, look forward to spots and sluggish horrible tubby aches. Make sure you drink lots of water during the day, 8 glasses and get as close to your 5 a day as possible.
  2. Call your mum. She's probably missing you like crazy and having empty nest syndrome. Plus if your absolutely shit with finances, it's much nicer to ask when you've actually rang for a chat in the past. Than just 'Mum, I need money.'
  3. Don't shy away in your room. If you feel like your not making friends, get out there. Get to freshers. Start off with your house mates, course mates you've met, next onto societies. Societies are awesome for feeling part of a group quickly and just for general interests you may have. They'll take you on nights out, competitions and trips. Its fun, sign up.
  4. Stock up on tinned foods and cup of soups. When you've been partying/studying all week and forgotten to go shopping. Shops have shut and whats in your fridge has gone off, tins are always there. Soup, tuna, fruit the lot.
  5. Set a budget. Before you go away, work out how much financing you've got. Give yourself a weekly allowance and stick as close to it as you can. Don't forget about phone bills, toiletries, travel and emergencies. Theres loads of apps you can get to help.
  6. Experiment. I dont mean go on a massive drug binge. I mean things you've never done before, places you've never been. If you haven't done a festival book one with room mates. Travelling is a lot cheaper for students, so do it while you can. BUNAC is good for travels to the US.
  7. Sign up with your local GP as soon as possible. You'll get freshers flew and you will feel horrible and if you need to go to the DR's you'll need to be signed up.
  8. Buy a rail card. You'll get 30% off. If your far from home it pays for itself very quickly, 1 year is £28. If you travel last minute it will save lots of money but its even cheaper to book in advance, my favourite website is thetrainline
  9. Get student insurance. Most likely you'll be going to halls, that doesn't mean your insured. Painfully my house mates found out the hard way. December last year, when we were all home, ground floor flats got broken into. Luckily they skipped my room, but PS3's were gone, XBOX'S, printers and pc's. Go to: Endsleigh
  10. Remember your not poor. No matter how little money you have it doesn't mean you can't go out. If its a night out, buy as much cheap drink before you go and buy very little at the club, or go to the union £1.80/pint; 

My main lecture building, Cardiff opticians.
Avoid public transport if possible, just walk. 
Check for student discounts e.g cinema. 

If your friends are going to Mcdonalds, use your student card to get free fries from their meal. Aquarium? Buy an after 3pm ticket its usually half price, plus your student discount. 
Save money buy volunteering they usually offer a free lunch. 
Get free tea, coffee and toothpaste samples online. 
If your eating out, take extra sauce sachets like pepper and ketchup for home. It may sound very cheap/tacky, but your a student now. 

I hope this has helped you and if you enjoyed my tips and would like some more, leave a comment. If you have any questions I'm happy to answer. Good luck this year and remember to lock your door, even if your going for a wee!

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