Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Vanity over health? Hoof Heels.

Lady Gaga falling.

It doesn't matter how drunk you may have claimed to be, if your finding yourself in this position... your heels are TOO HIGH. Theres no shame in taking a few nights off with some glam studded gladiator sandals and a casual dress just for drinks. I don't understand why so many girls would prefer to walk around clippy cloppy like horses, not even bending there knees because they don't know how to walk. Your trying to look sexy by wearing heels, but walking like an animal. Your dress looks gorgeous, hair make-up and accessories to match, just get some lower shoes until you practise!

Even if you are very experienced with the old, heel - toe - heel - toe, its still very bad to wear heels too often. Having your ankles almost vertical is equivalent to having 3 times your body weight resting on your ankles and knees. Working so hard to stay at your suggested height to weight ratio is all irrelevant if your constantly in heels. Wearing heels can cause many foot problems, most famously bunions. 
Heels will also cause an 'S' shaped curve between your chest and lower back where flat shoes would provide a straighter posture. 

Have you heard in previous concerns for feet, of Paris Hilton losing her pinky toes to vanity? Logical, my feet don't fit this new fashion trend, so pinky its time you depart. WHAT?

Lethal hoof heels.

Although they are designed to look like horses hoofs, which suggests they would be more comfortable and easier on the joints. But the missing support in the ankle and smaller surface area is unstable. Be wary when you buy these shoes, or where them modestly for short periods of time. So I ask you, Vanity over Health?

Tip of the day - For dewy, fresh looking cheeks. Apply a small smear of Vaseline on cheek bones.

Thanks for reading! Hope you've had a great week.

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