Monday, 3 September 2012

DIY surfer charm bracelet

So for a last minute summer accessory before I headed out the door, I gathered together old charms. Along with some garden string, that looked rustic and had a slightly warn feel. I wanted something cute and girly for the final sunny days we had left. Fingers crossed we've got a British heat wave on the way! (That just means no rain, not actual heat. Damn)

Heres my inspiration:

The steps are so easy, you will need:

3 x 80cm pieces of any type of string, rope or leather cord you prefer.
Beads, charms or pendants.

1. Take the 3 pieces of string and tie a knot 2 inches in from the end.
2. Begin to plait the strings (as though you would your hair) You may need to weight down the end with a paper weight or book just to help you keep it taught.
3. After an inch down the string begin adding charms at equal lengths that you prefer. Always add to the left if you want them to fall evenly. Add the charm to the furthest left string and pull the plait tight as you continue.
4. After adding all charms finish plait at desired length.
5. Knot and cut 2 inches from knot.

I doubled round my plaits so there was a layer without charms to add thickness to the thin, shabby string. I love my new accessory. Cheap and tailored! I love it.

A little fish, pearl, love key and brown bead around the side.

This fishy charm has layered scales so it can sway its tail, details!

To fasten it on, you just use the excess string to tie a bow or knot. The jingling got a little annoying after a while so I've decided its a bracelet from now on. Felt like santa walking around with the bells.

Tip of the day - If your like me and got a drawer full of belts, then end up rushing and wearing any old up just to avoid the embarrassing, oh shit I just flashed my pants. And then looking in the mirror and finding it doesn't even go. If you've got a spare coat hanger, fasten your belts on the bottom edge, so they are displayed, tidy and out of the way.
My belt tidy.
Thanks for reading, hope you made the most of the weather.                                                      

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