Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Sexy Statement Leggings.

Bold, original and sexy. Statement leggings are perfect for the cross between warm summer days and the cooler evening. As autumn draws closer and the weather turns for the cold. Layer with thin printed t's and shirts or an over sized jumper, with fluffy cosy uggs or dark, studded biker boots.
If like me your looking for something a bit different from the usual market, but something that wont break the bank, here's a brand for you. They range from $60 - $75 AUD. Slightly pricey for student budgeting, but looking for detail and quality? Then they are worth the price.

To get the most from your leggings, buy bralets (if you have the body!) or an over sized glamour shirt for drinks in the night with black stilettos.
Here's a selection of my top pics from an Australian brand, Black Milk. 

Circuit board - Leg bones - Aurora - Peacock - Galaxy

World map - Lawn Legs - Glass Owl - Burnt Velvet

Black Suspender

Jelly Fish - My personal favourite.

Tip of the day - For a sudden spot outburst before a night out, dab a small amount of toothpaste on and leave over night. The chemicals found in many brand name pastes will dry out your spots. 

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