Monday, 10 September 2012

Studs and Spikes. DIY.

If you haven't noticed yet or not been shopping in a while, studs seem to be popping up everywhere. They trickled into shops over summer and it seems were looking at a huge statement for A/W collections! But have you ever stopped and wondered why that t-shirt costs £10 and the same shirt with studs will set you back £25? That's a big price jump and for me its a little much, so you know what I'm thinking right? DI-fucking-Y oh yes. I'm yet to jazz up my clothes so I haven't got those pics for you, didn't want you to miss out on making the trend before everyone else has them! (I'll upload when I've got mine finished, stay tuned)

I'm going to make so much stuffffff.

Okay, so all your going to need to make these wonderful pieces of art are just some studs from an online craft store, an iron and somewhere to stick them! I've found hotfix nailheads are the exact ones I want, they stock the flat pyramid shapes, circle and square. The best size I find is between 3-4mm. They're dainty rather than bulky. For the pointed spikes I haven't found any iron on products for that, so you'll need to buy the prong type. Pushing the stud through and fold over the points.

These are from Rhine Stones Online, I've shopped around and these are the best quality-quantity. Each pack has 144units and range from 70p - £2.60 depending on size. They will also take you through the best way to apply your nailheads.

Send me pictures of your new studded clothes!

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